Administrative Corporate office and Admissions office of Southern Academy of Maritime Studies is situated very near to Chennai port at Royapuram, which is hardly 3 Kms from Chennai Central Station.

SAMS College is located at Panapakkam, in Chennai Tirupathi Road, around 40 kms away from the city, an hour and half drive. The college is well connected with a double road, off Chennai – Kolkatta Highways.

The College is situated in sprawling 5 acres of land with an built up area of around 2 lakhs sq.ft.

The SAMS campus provides a number of key facilities for our students and delegates, including a Student Support Office, the Faculty Office, a modern interactive lecture rooms, a dedicated nautical library with IT suites, a fully equipped health studio and recreation area , Wi-Fi access in various areas, and a range of catering and accommodation options.

Student Support Office

The SAMS Student Support Office is positioned in the Main building, adjacent to the Principal's room. Our Student Support Network Officer, Cadet Administrator and Cadet Liaison Officer are available in this office to assist and provide guidance to students on a range of issues, such as arranging medical examinations, advice on academic issues, and gaining access to the University's wider support services.

The Student Support Network is the University-wide network of staff and services that work together to enhance the student experience. Anna University also has a range of counselling and support services available to our students that may be accessed directly, or through the Student Support Office. However, students should feel free to approach any member of staff for assistance.

The Faculty Office is located in main building and its staff provide additional services to our students, including production of campus cards, bookings for professional short courses, timetabling and examination information.

Lecture Rooms

SAMS Maritime Academy's lecture rooms has recently been fully refurbished and uses a range of hi-tech audio-visual equipment to provide students with a modern, interactive learning experience.

The class room is also regularly used for guest presentations to our students (eg, updates on key maritime issues by industry experts) and for professional seminars.

Library and IT Suites

SAMS Maritime Academy has one of the most extensive nautical libraries in the country, which also houses an IT resource centre. There are significant collections of books, journals, videos, DVDs and other multimedia material searchable from the Library catalogue, which fully support students with their maritime study programmes.

SAMS Galley (Canteen)

The SAMS Galley is located behind the SAMS Ship-In-Campus. The Galley was brought to SAMS Maritime Academy due to its connection with the shipping industry and being a place to land and replenish, recharge, a haven, a home for new arrivals and a place of comfort.

A spacious, well furnished, hygienic dining hall, which can accommodate 500 candidates at a time is available. The kitchen is maintained by well-trained chefs with focus on quality, taste and hygiene. Vegetarian and Non vegetarian food are served. Combination of both South Indian and North Indian delicacies are served on rotation basis.

The 500 seat galley is open to all students but primarily for cadets living on campus in our residential accommodation. It is open Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm, and at weekends 11am – 7pm, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All meals are made and prepared on campus by our talented team of chefs using only fresh and local ingredients.


Finding a suitable, safe and comfortable place to stay is a priority for all of our students and delegates. At SAMS Maritime Academy we have a variety of accommodation options available to suit your particular needs.