Living With Us

First time away from home? There's nothing to worry about

Our student residences are not only safe and comfortable, they're also great places to work, relax, socialise and meet new friends. There's a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a real community spirit.

There are residences located on the main campus: SAMS accommodation predominantly cater for officer cadets and other professional studies students.Whether it's attending lectures, having a session in the library, going for lunch, or a workout in the gym, it's all close by.

Contemporary and comfortable, all study-bedrooms are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, chair, desk, bookshelf space and bedding. Residence have shared bathrooms and a common room with a flat screen TV.

Free online access

Every study-bedroom has a Wi-Fi data access that connects to the college's network, providing access to the college's networked resources and limited Internet access. You'll need to supply your own computer with an Wi-Fi installed.

To find out more and to see if your PC or laptop is compatible, email:

Safe and secure

Cadet life provides the opportunity to be independent and stand on your own two feet but equally we believe that help should never be far away and a dedicated Residence Management Team is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each residence, study-bedroom and common room is designed to ensure only residents can gain access. The residences meet the current fire safety regulations and the government approved codes of practice for management of student accommodation.

Living in the Residences

When allocating students into rooms and residences, we aim to create mixed and integrated communities. There are many benefits to living in such an environment, not least the opportunity to meet and live with cadets of different cultures and backgrounds.

It is important to realise that at times living with many different people can naturally be vibrant and lively. We ask all of our cadets to live harmoniously and show consideration and respect towards their fellow residents, staff, the local community and to the residence itself.


We fully support the Respect campaign, a cross-strategy to tackle bad behaviour and nurture good – and so help create a modern culture of respect. This ethos is core to everything we do, how we treat students living with us and what we expect in return.

Moving In Procedure

To help your move into the Residence go as smoothly as possible, please find below an idea of what to do and what to expect when you get here:

Follow the signs as they will help guide you to the key pick up point.

If coming by car you will be able to park in the top car park next to the residences for up to an hour to enable you to unload. After this time we would need the car moved to the lower site car park or our overflow car park as space is limited.

What Should I Bring?

All rooms in residences are furnished with a bed, chair, desk, wardrobe and bookshelf space.

We provide:

  • Duvet and pillow
  • Sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover or blanket
  • Toilet rolls

You will need to bring:

  • Towels
  • Hangers
  • Alarm clock
  • Internet Access

Internet Connection

The Student Residences Network (Resnet) has been created to give access to the SAMS campus Local Area Network (LAN) to students living in the Student Residences. All study-bedrooms have Wi-Fi data access provision.

Resnet is not a dial-up service using a modem. Resnet is a high speed Wi-Fi network service providing an 'always on' connection directly to your study-bedroom.

Students with a suitable computer (ie, one with an Wi-Fi network adapter installed) can register with Resnet once they have moved into the residence. Connection to Resnet will enable you to use the following services:

  • Browse the internet
  • Send and receive emails ( email accounts only)
  • Log on to the Portal, the College student intranet
  • Access other educational resources, such as the library catalogue and online learning resources

Further developments of Resnet are also being planned and will be made available to students when suitable testing has been done. Although Resnet is primarily intended to help with academic work, modest personal use is also permitted.


Smoking Policy

All areas within the College's residences are non-smoking.

Smoking is not allowed within any part of the College's residences including study bedrooms and communal areas (ie, kitchens, corridors, toilets, common rooms, lobbies, stairways and landings).

Smoking is not permitted within five metres of any entrance or window of the residence. Designated smoking areas should be used where available.

Residents who fail to comply with the policy will be in breach of the Terms of Residency and subject to disciplinary measures.

Guests or visitors of residents breaching the policy will be requested to cease smoking on the premises. A guest or visitor who refuses to stop smoking will be required to leave the premises.